Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rejoicing in the Right to Life

When I was stationed on the East Coast, I was able to participate in the huge March for Life about four times. My bones still remember the chill! And today there actually is a lot to be thankful for, as Sr. Lorraine points out.
Today I prayed for all those millions of women who account for the 40 or so million abortions performed in this country since 1973, and for the men in their lives. I prayed for the parents who forced their daughters into abortion clinics rather than be shamed by their untimely pregnancies, and I prayed for young people at risk in a climate of impurity. I prayed for the undocumented immigrant women who are being so horribly vilified by talk-show personalities who pay lip service to the right to life, but can't seem to muster any respect for a pregnant Mexican in one of our cities. I prayed for the woman who, twenty-six years ago, wrote to our publishing house to say that a pro-life pamphlet I had written led her to a change of heart after she had aborted five babies. All those abortions hadn't helped solve her problems. I hope she has been able to find healing, not just over the abortions, but in that deep need of hers that led her down the same dark path over and over again.
Abortion is only one aspect of the whole, great issue of respect for life, but it is a defining one. As Mother Teresa said, if we tolerate this, what boundaries are left?


Anonymous said...

And then you see an article like this and you wonder what other faiths truely believe

Anonymous said...

Pray for all young women who find themselves "expecting" unexpectedly, as my daughter did this past week.