Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I believe...

Today's first reading starts with a conditional phrase that's not really a condition at all. John says, "IF God so loved us..." It' s not a "how much" did God love us as a "thusly" did God love us. How? I looked at that in a different way this morning, and the Creed came to mind. The Apostles' Creed with its "I believe in God, the Father Almighty, creator of heaven and earth..." Prayed in the light of today's first reading, the Creed becomes a sort of litany of divine love.
God so loved us as to create heaven and earth; God so loved us as to be conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, to suffer under Pontius Pilate... You get it.
I am a little extra focused on this today because precisely today I found a couple of comments on a few YouTube videos I had posted that reflect a pitiful (and kind of nasty) inability to receive that love. An ignorant attempt to turn the words of the Scripture against Jesus. But how can anyone expect to interpret the words of Jesus without knowing Jesus, and so having the "key" to understanding him? All the more need, then, for the Church to guide the interpretation of the bible!!!


John said...

Sister Anne,

Although YouTube feedback can be educational and stimulating, allowing nasty comments to remain below your delightful videos could discourage people from receiving your messages in the spirit intended.

You can turn off Comments on YouTube, and many religiously oriented video creators do so for the protection of the viewers and themselves.

I love your videos and blog!

xaipe said...

Actually, I get some good insights as a result of some of the things people say in their ignorance. I delete the really offensive comments, and block the recalcitrant. But things that are just manifestations of ignorance or prejudice I attempt to answer, for the sake of others who may encounter the same sort of comment at work and so on.
It does reveal the pertinence of Cardinal George's request that the people of Chicago ask themselves, "What does it mean to defend the faith?"