Friday, December 21, 2007

Sharing the wealth

Today I read in an essay by an Anglican sister about a mission trip she had made in a famine-stricken country, among people who were barely subsisting on relief rations. A young boy had done some work for her, and all she had to give him in "payment" was a scone-like cookie. When the boy left the house, he didn't start to devour the biscuit. He didn't keep the biscuit hidden. Instead, he whistled and shouted to the other children, and held the biscuit high, "like the Eucharist," the sister put it. And when the others came near, he broke it and gave it to them. Sharing the wealth.
Our founder spoke of Mary's visit to Elizabeth as the first "Eucharistic visit" because Mary was the tabernacle of God incarnate. She was sharing the wealth she had received: giving Jesus to the world before he had even made himself manifest. Sharing what she had received, even though it seemed so small.

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