Monday, December 03, 2007

How does your garden grow?

For my birthday, Mom treated me to a table-top hydroponic herb garden. It is the only spot of vibrant life at our address (well, aside from the pointsettias Sr. Susan has been nursing on the fourth floor since last Christmas), and the carton promised green, fragrant herbs in six weeks' time. Well, I'm not there to enjoy the fragrance, but Sr. Susan (surrogate gardener while I am "on tour") sent me a picture so I could enjoy the green.

We have our last New York concert tonight (St. Athanasius Church, Brooklyn: the Monsignor has been promoting it enthusiastically).
And if business or pleasure takes you to Manhattan, may I recommend the "Battery Gardens" restaurant at Battery Park? We were treated there to a light supper, and we had only gone to sing a carol to the owner, who provided the refreshments for our anniversary celebration. The sitsers tell me he goes out to the park and challenges the homeless to a game of chess. If they win, they get a free meal. If they lose, they have to help tidy up the area--and then they get a free meal. Creative charity! The food is great, and the view (of Lady Liberty) is magnificent.


Anonymous said...

Is tonight really the last concert? Can I put aside my sackcloth and ashes until next year. MOI

Fred said...

Creative Charity! If you win, you win and if you lose, you win...and the owner always wins! Wish we could spread that mentality! Thanks for sharing.
Just got news that an old friend in NO is being treated for stomach cancer. Say a prayer or two for him...he's a great volunteer at Project Lazarus, Catholic Charities and so much more. His attiude is wonderful and he's going to be fine...I am very proud of the way he is dealing with this...
Would love to go to Manhattan for a visit, but alas, I am only going back to Chicago next Monday for a meeting disbursing $100,000 to grassroot social justice programs...They are promising 70% persipitation and 32 degrees! Ugh!
Peace, my Sister and good singing!
Father Fred

harv681 said...

The herbs look healthy--They must be very fragrant! Clip the top two leaves off of the basil and it will get bushy instead of "leggy."