Thursday, November 01, 2007

Worry not!

We just got in a new Pauline title--or pair of titles--for the worriers in your life. Or for you. Or me.
How to Handle Worry is an updated version of a best-seller, now paired with a workbook subtitled Praying Your Way Through Anxiety. (They are sold separately.) The workbook includes pages for a "worry record" (record date, event and how the stress was manifested); a holiday section; a kind of "training" in new approaches to replace knee-jerk reactions. I especially like that this workbook, unlike many others, is a standard size, not an enormous looseleaf format. It's a workbook you actually can just slip in with other things, carry to chapel or use on public transit without taking over the next person's lap.
And the paper is really nice, too.
Do you know anyone who could use a set of books like this?

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Anonymous said...

Not yet, but let me worry about it for a while. spqr