Monday, November 12, 2007


Only a day into my trip, and already there is too much to keep up with. I'm talking about Pope Benedict's now-confirmed visit to the US and UN, with special audiences for university heads. I want to keep this in mind on a frequent basis, in order to contribute with my prayers to disposing minds and hearts to what he has to say, and also for the Holy Father to grow in his understanding of the situations "on the ground" here, too, so he can effectively address them.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
I sent a manuscript off, and the file was corrupted. Sr. Helena is helping me retrieve the original from the Chicago computer so I can resubmit it. (Pray over that little effort of mine!) Sr. Julia and I started our music project today, and I am enjoying the perfect weather. (Glad to leave Chicago's chill winds behind!) Mom's satsuma tree is producing loads of orange fruit, and Jane's grapefruit tree likewise. Oh, and I have a lot of music to learn by heart for the concerts.

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Anonymous said...

...and don't forget those fresh, hand-gathered, cage-free, free-range organic eggs, lovingly provided by Ossie, Collar, Bib, Kiwi, CheeWee, and Julius!--harv681