Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Elbows on the table with Jesus

Today's Gospel shows us Jesus in a familiar setting: having a meal. This time, he is a guest in the home of a Pharisee. Another guest there must have (correctly!) experienced in this shared meal with Jesus a foretaste of the heavenly banquet, because he happily comments to Jesus, "Blessed his the one who will eat bread in the Kingdom of God."
And the Lord spake unto him, "You would think so, wouldn't you?"
No, really the Lord spake thus: "The invited guests wouldn't think it worth their time, so the Lord will have to look for others to come and eat what has been prepared."
Makes you want to re-examine your priorities, doesn't it?

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Anonymous said...

I examine my priorities every day and they are right where they ought to be. Amen