Friday, October 12, 2007

When Bots are Not Smaht

I'm hoping this is just a matter of automated assignment of ads by keyword, and not representative of some perverse sort of strategy. I was looking up a friend's pro-life video online. The link came up with a row of Google ads on top and two of them were for abortion-related promotions ("abortion apparel," anyone?). A third on top and several others beneath the links focused on adoption, thankfully. But it sure struck me in a very harsh way to see the most prominently placed ads under the heading "Catholic Tube" turn out to be so destructive. I hope it was the bot's mistake.


Charity Therese said...

Sr. Anne you were awarded with the Mathetes award!
See my blog for details

George Bolam: InZaneCountry said...

You will, as I'm sure you know, encounter all kinds of nastiness on the internet, but please do not let that put you off working in this medium...there are many bright, kind and sincere minds at work here, too.

I noticed you on Twitter, yesterday, and that is what drew me to your blog...Twitter is an odd place at times, but believe me, it can work well for you if you persist with it and ignore the occasional unwarranted unsavoury remark, though I hope you don't get any..

I'm not especially religious, myself, and not an admirer of the Roman Church, in particular, but I am an admirer of some individuals within it..

So, I simply leave this comment to wish you well..

Travel safely, travel well.

Anonymous said...

To George Bolam; admiring the intrinsic goodness in some individuals who are Roman Catholic is a good start. God works in strange ways and Twitter is sometimes as strange as it gets. anon