Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thanks, David!

A few weeks ago, I clicked on a link in a Wired article and found myself communicating with a former Wired writer who remembers being visited by book-bearing Daughters of St. Paul in her native Buffalo. She, in turn, put me in touch with David Miller, a writer for SFgate.com, who interviewed me by phone for a piece in his Monday on-line religion column. It appeared yesterday, and my humble blog has never been so popular. The piece was remarkably accurate (except for the part about me getting by on "less than $100 a month"--although a $20 "allowance" for little necessities is "less than $100")...
I've gotten feedback from a couple of computer programmers who are really happy to know that someone is out there praying for them, and also heard from some other religion writers who would like to highlight David's article. Here's hoping it will be helpful for vocational discernment and for bringing the Pauline charism to light!


Yarn Candie said...

I discovered the article on sfgate.com and just wanted you to know that it's refreshing to see a sister embrace technology.
I look forward to readin more!

theresa (product of an Ursuline education)

Sister Julie, IHM said...

Dear Sister Anne, What a great article! You have been doing amazing work and are an inspiration to other nun bloggers. If you are ever up in Wrigleyville, stop by Loyola Press -- I'd love to meet you. Blessings! Sister Julie, IHM