Friday, October 26, 2007

Judgment Call

Almost as a follow-up to the "Good God!" posts comes today's Gospel calling for us to use our capacity for judgment. But not to judge God or our neighbor! Jesus is calling for us to practice discernment. Even his example about the "plea bargain" says as much: think ahead, and act in view of what is coming upon you. The saints used to say that we should always act in view of the "end" or finish line: our choices now need to be consistent with the life we anticipate in Heaven, where everything comes down to love and praise, and God is all in all. ("The Kingdom of God is in your midst!")


Anonymous said...

Sister Anne: I'll be featuring you and the SF Chronicle story about you on my blog this Friday. I'm the Faith columnist for The Kansas City Star and my blog is at

xaipe said...

Thanks so much for the attention! (You'll make my Mom very happy, too!)