Friday, September 28, 2007

Who is Jesus?

Today we have that wonderful encouragement from Haggai and then Luke's version of Jesus' famous question "Who do you say that I am?" As we know, the first question was about the "talk of the town": who do the people say I am? And the answers came from superficial awareness of the extraordinary things Jesus was doing. Then Jesus brought the question home. I imagined it much in terms of people in a special relationship. At a certain point, one or the other is going to ask (or at least wonder): Where is this relationship going? Who am I for you?
Jesus is waiting to hear the answer.

6:40 pm: I thought this had been posted this morning, but I must have just hit "save draft" instead. Better late than never! Now I will be meeting with a small group of cooperators in our mission to share a bit of Bl.James' spirituality. Tomorrow is Coffeehouse at Paulinas Miami--a new experience for me.


Anonymous said...

I hope the coffee meets with the approval of your sophisticated taste buds from Roman days. spqr

richard said...

You're right about the encouragement from Haggai. "I am with not fear!" jre