Friday, September 14, 2007

Triumph of the Cross

The theme for this morning's Office of Readings (the earliest "hour" in the Divine Office) is, unusually enough for a day associated with the Cross, loud, long praise. That's because this is the feast of the triumph or exaltation of the Cross. It is the feast of Paul's "boasting" of the Cross. It's the feast of the victory already won on our behalf. It's Easter in September.
Today is also the day in which Pope Benedict's Motu Proprio on the Tridentine Mass goes into effect worldwide. In some areas, this is a much-anticipated day. Here in Chicago, I don't think that's quite the case, because the Tridentine Mass has been well established, especially at St. John Cantius parish, but also with the "Institute of Christ the Sovereign High Priest" (what a name!) who took over St. Gelasius Church when the Archdiocese had decided to let it go. (Too many bills, not enough parishioners.) (But once the Latin Liturgy came, it drew people from the metro area and not just the not-yet-gentrified neighborhood.) Anyway, in some places, today has a bit of extra meaning, so may they enjoy the grace fully.
And prayers for my reader who wrote in with a special intention.

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Anonymous said...

I will offer my mass this morning for that reader with the special intention. Harv