Monday, September 03, 2007

A Most Unusual Weekend

Sr. Susan, Sr. Thecla and I spent most of Labor Day Weekend at Notre Dame (that's me in the hat). It was the first time any of us had visited this impressive campus (much less attended a season opening game), and we agreed it was a splendid surprise the Lord had given us: a little bitty part of the Gospel "hundredfold." Today we were much less adventurous, staying home all day, each of us catching up on various projects and waiting for Sr. Helena to come home from her August adventures, which ranged from making her annual retreat, to visiting her mother, to participating in a Theology of the Body workshop.
This week, I am looking forward to seeing two friends from out of state: Deacon (soon-to-be-Father) Fred Sahuc, CMF is in town for the profession of a new Claretian, and Karen Hall is in town following a Jesuit trail in view of her work on a new TV series with a Jesuit protagonist. In between all the socializing, I really have to make some progress on the talk I am to give to a rather large and impressive gathering in Miami toward the end of the month. Your prayers are needed and appreciated!

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Anonymous said...

If you need prayers, you got 'em. About the appreciation, forget it, that's what moms are for. spqr