Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy Birthday in Heaven

Today is Dad's first birthday in heaven. Last year, we "celebrated" his birthday in the hospital room, and the nurse brought in a tiny cake. And the year before that, the family was in Katrina exile, so Dad's birthday party was in the house my brother's in-laws put at my family's disposition, and his cake was a low-sugar banana cream pie. Now he can "feast on the riches of God's own delights." I hope he remembers to brush a few crumbs from the Heavenly Banquet table down to us.


Anonymous said...

He has but the Heavenly crumbs appear to us in the form of paper clips, dozens of them today. harv681

Anonymous said...

There are three long stemmed roses in a vase in front of the statue of Mary in the Daughters of St. Paul Chapel. They represent the three Hail Marys which dad offered up each day since he was five years old. spqr

Anonymous said...

During dinner, Dad would admonish us, much to Mom's dismay, to be sure to "Save room for dessert!" ---harv, again!