Monday, September 17, 2007

Cardinal's Cause Opened

The sisters who worked with Cardinal Francis Van Thuan in publishing his various books were right to be impressed by his holiness. Today, the 5th anniversary of his death, his beatification process was opened in Rome.
Here's what the Pope had to say to the group who met for this occasion:
"Cardinal Van Thuân was a man of hope; he lived hope and spread it among everyone he met. It was because of this spiritual energy that he resisted all his physical and moral difficulties. Hope sustained him as a bishop when he was isolated for 13 years from his diocesan community; hope helped him to see beyond the absurdity of the events that happened to him -- he was never put on trial during his long imprisonment -- a providential plan of God. The news of his sickness, a tumor, which led to his death, reached him almost at the same time as his elevation to cardinal by John Paul II, who held him in great esteem and affection. Cardinal Van Thuân loved to repeat that the Christian is a man of hour, of the now, beginning from the present moment to welcome and live with Christ's love."


MM said...

Sister, do u know where I can get his books in Vietnamese?

xaipe said...

I thought the Vietnamese community in Orange, CA was the main source for Cardinal Van Thuan's books. Or maybe the Vietnamese communities in Missouri?

mm said...

I was hoping I can buy it somewhere online.
I live in TX