Thursday, September 06, 2007

Awe and trembling

Today's Gospel starts off with Jesus getting into a boat to preach to the crowds who had been practically pushing him into the lake. As a kind of "thank you" to the boat owner (a certain Simon, son of John, of Capernaum), Jesus directs him into the deep and tells him to lower the nets. A huge catch of fish at the wrong time of day overwhelms Simon. He goes down on his knees: "Leave me Lord, I am a sinful man."
St. Ignatius says that, if it is to be spiritually helpful, the examen of conscience needs to start with recognition of God's works and a spirit of thanksgiving. There is no shortcut to repentance: it has to start with awe and wonder at the "great things the Lord has done for me."

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Anonymous said...

Does this explain the saying that there are very few "deathbed conversions"?