Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Prayers for a Seeker

Back in January, a Michigan teenager posted a YouTube video expressing interest in becoming a Catholic. It generated quite a few hits (over 7,000 so far) and many, many comments (including some interdenominational carping). At this point, the boy who made the video says he is no longer interested in faith, period, and doesn't even believe in God right now. The kid has probably been through a lot: his parents split years ago, Mom remarried and moved a thousand miles away from where he was being raised... At any rate, you might want to say an extra prayer for this boy who is, after all, still only 16 but in a rough patch in the spiritual woods.


Anonymous said...

Within my family and close friends I have been confronted with many similar situations. Most of these young people are males and with prayer, counseling and sometimes medication, they have "come around."

Cure of Ars said...