Friday, July 27, 2007

Planned Parenthood's stealth operation

Today's Tribune reveals that Planned Parenthood has been building a $7.5 million abortion clinic in Aurora (roughly 30 miles from Chicago), all the while disguising it under a false name. A contractor figured out what it was and leaked the information to the press, blowing PP's cover. The clinic will be one of the largest PP facilities in the nation, offering the usual gamut of "services," so many of them compromising to women's integral well-being.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to the savvy contractor who unearthed Planned Parenthood's dirty little secret.
There is nothing hidden that will not be brought to light. spqr

curious reader said...

I'm really curious as to why you think PP's services compromise a woman's integral well-being.

xaipe said...

Planned Parenthood's operation and ideology typically address a woman's sexual activity in isolation, as if it had no intrinsic connection to who she is as a person, as if it were not the expression of her soul.
Many employees of PP, I am sure, sincerely mean to help women in need, but there is a systemic problem. Testing and therapy for STDs, for example, do not address the deeper question of why a woman's health is being compromised in so drastic a manner. Birth control pills and devices; the morning after pill (with its deliberately casual nickname, Plan B)--all these, aggressively promoted by PP--separate a woman's sexuality from its natural correlative: motherhood and the parent-child relationship.
And we won't even go into the way PP lobbies against legislation that addresses the sexual exploitation of underage girls.

xaipe said...

I think I had better nuance what I said about the natural correlative of sexuality being parenthood and the parent-child relationship. I do not intend to ignore the obvious relationship of man and woman as pivotal. However, when the outcome of sexual union is predetermined to be sterile (going so far as to fall upon "Plan B" should the unthinkable--the complete union of gametes in fertilization--occur and bring a new life into existence), then the relationship of the couple is also sterile as a relationship: the mutual gift of self is thwarted, because the man and woman mutually exclude their own full fertility from the gift.
A woman should be able to give herself completely to her husband, knowing that he treasures her and her capacity for motherhood. (How many abortions are committed primarily because the woman fears losing the man whose child she has conceived? What kind of relationship do they have, then?) This is all part of the package of woman's integral well-being.