Thursday, July 12, 2007

Helping New Orleans

Well, it looks as though M.M. was right: Burger King "donation contest" participation is limited to Louisiana residents. Here is the fine print: "Some restrictions apply. Voters must be a resident of the state of Louisiana, age 13 or older as of 4/3/07." I guess it doesn't count if you are a New Orleanian by birth and culture and only happen to dwell outside of the state... So much of my effort to encourage votes for the Harry Thompson Center will prove to be less than directly effective. In God's providence, though, some good will surely have come from all my appeals! (If nothing else, people who happened upon my blog during this time will have been alerted that New Orleans still needs lots of help and elbow grease.) (Oh, and I got many more hits than usual due to people having googled "Harry Thompson Center." Maybe I will have picked up a few new readers!)
Thanks for all of you out-of-state voters who gave this your support. The Lord counts every click as a prayer, even if Burger King doesn't count it as a vote!
For those of you in Louisiana, go and vote for the rest of us! (Except I can vote myself right now because I'm home with Mom.) You can also send the text message HARRY to 287437.
And for the rest, visit the center's homepage to see their own appeal; send this to anyone you know in Louisiana with a cell phone or computer!
We need all the help we can get because we are competing against agencies and organizations that have mailing lists and membership rolls that run into the thousands. We definitely have our work cut out for us. So please do what you can to help the Harry Tompson Center provide even more services to more people.

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winifritz said...

Not so fast putting the kabosh on Father Harry. The Fat Lady has not sung yet.