Monday, July 02, 2007

Father Thompson needs you!

Add your vote to keep the Father Harry Thompson Center at the top in Burger King's "donation contest." Tell your friends! Tell your mother! Vote every day--there's less than a week left until the deciding tallies are in, and there's only a 3% difference between the current top two. (city Park has lots of "friends"!) After all the people of New Orleans have been through, this is a simple way to participate in something constructive for the city's most vulnerable citizens, continuing the work Father Thompson began at the "Jesuit Church." (The original shelter was flooded out of existence.)
Here's a link to the Center, but don't go there until you've voted (link at top of post).

1 comment:

winifritz said...

It's too close with Friends of City Park...Alert everyone on your list...Every leaf on every tree must be voting for the the opposition. St. Jude pray for Fr. Harry, Now.