Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Do not touch!

Came across two caterpillars today, one a larger version of the other. Cute, bright green with little tufts of neon green hair...or spines. As I lifted one onto a leaf to get it into the garden (which, on second thought, I probably should not have done), I saw it had a thin but vivid red strip, with a white one below that, on one side. That was a clue that perhaps this caterpillar was not the nicest of the bunch. So I googled "bright green caterpillar red stripe" and came up with this.


Lisa said...

I hope it only touched the leaf, and not your hand :(

Maureen said...

I've dealt with caterpillars like that, but I was always careful about not touching the spikes because I was afraid of hurting _them_.

Little did I know!