Saturday, June 23, 2007

Urgent Prayer Request

Cody, in Minnesota, sends this in:
One of my friend's mothers is going through a very rough time with a form of cancer. I don't know any more than this, which is published on a website for her:

A small seizure led to a CT, MRI and biopsy: GLIOBLASTOMA MULTIFORME, a grade IV of 4 malignant brain tumor in the left frontal lobe. We hod hoped for a surgical option, but that was not to be. 6 weeks of chemo & radiation will start soon. We know we are in for the challenge of our lives, but are confident in the love of Jesus, our families and unbelievable friends.

Gregg, her husband, is a nurse practioner at the local hosptial/clinic. He was a Lutheran Pastor for quite some time as well. Gayle is very involved in the community and their church. One of their kids, Josh, is graduated, I don't know him well. Emily, their oldest daughter, just graduated this past year. She has had some real rough times in her life. SHe is adopted. Abby, their youngest, will be a senior next year.

They have this website set up, with the hospital, for folks to stay connected and post comments to the family. Website:

Could you please pray for Gayle and her family as they go through this rough time.

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Anonymous said...

Cody's appeal for Gayle and her family reminds me of the classic expression in such cases "time to bring in the heavies". I will begin a novena to St. Jude for all of them today. DVB