Thursday, June 07, 2007

Stem Cell progress

The Wall Street Journal and the Tribune had articles on interesting developments in stem cell technology, indicating that "adult" cells can be set back in time, making them just about as "pluripotent" as the much-touted embryonic stem cells. That's the good news. The bad news is that in one study which showed adult cells and embryonic cells were equally successful "in treating mice with a degenerative brain disease," the "adult" stem cells used were "derived...from the nervous systems of aborted human and mouse fetuses."
Excuse me?
Aborted human and mouse fetuses?
Does PETA know that unborn mice are being aborted and used for experimentation?
Oh, and...that human cells were harvested, too, implies that there is a market that provides aborted fetuses to researchers. I wonder if they have health and safety protocols, or if there are financial disclosures involved, or parental consent (what else can you call it?). Remember last year and the scandal of funeral homes excising and selling cadaver bones and fixing the medical records, making a tidy profit on post-mortem surgery? Doesn't this situation sound vaguely similar? Is anybody exercising oversight?


Anonymous said...

re mice and men. I pray that your excellent tongue in cheek blog will start the ball rolling in the
ethical direction. spqr

Anonymous said...

Is anybody exercising oversight?