Saturday, June 09, 2007

Of Mice and Men

The other day I wrote about the horrific (horrific!) abuse of mouse fetuses in conjunction with stem cell research. Today it is the other side of the picture. I can't help but notice that in Burger King's donation giveaway, organizations devoted to the care of animals are coming out way ahead of organizations focused on needy people. At least in New Orleans, my high school (that counts as a "people" organization, even though some might wonder about that) is currently ahead of the Audubon Nature Institute (by 1%). But in Baton Rouge that is not the case: the Animal Welfare Society has 1% more votes than the Medical Center, and 12% more than the Muscular Dystrophy Association!
Consider this a reminder to vote for a "needy people" organizationNew Orleans, the Father Harry Thompson Center, providing education and job training for vulnerable young citizens of an extremely vulnerable city.


Anonymous said...

You have convinced me that people
are more important than mice, well, most people, that is. HARRY gets my vote every day. FF

Maureen said...

Sister, I'm voting as fast as I can (that is to say, daily) for the FHTC but I can see where the animal causes will be popular given their "non-sectarian" nature and in light of the sad plight of so many pets in the aftermath of the storms.

Anonymous said...

how does FHTC qualify as sectarian in light of the sad plight of so many underprivileged children? anon.