Monday, June 18, 2007

Cranes: Birding in Chicago

I have half a mind to actually do this: make a spoof YouTube video, in the style of an old-fashioned documentary about bird-watching, only the "birds" would be the enormous construction cranes all over downtown Chicago. I could even name the species! This came to mind, not only because I pass at least three cranes on my way to Mass, but because an article in the Wall Street Journal mentioned that there is a crane shortage this year. My first thought was that all of the country's cranes were in Chicago. But no, it seems that there is a building boom all over the world, and our American cranes are being rented beyond the borders. There may not be enough cranes to go around! Too bad they don't breed in captivity.


Anonymous said...

What name would you give to the species of Cranes in your Neck of the woods.

Anonymous said...

After seeing those cranes up close and personal, I would name them OBSTRUCTION CRANES. SPQR

mitzie said...

My dear Sister Anne, a writer of your caliber does herself an injustice by beginning a blog with the words "I have half a mind".
It was a most astute concept about said cranes breeding in captivity, but can you imagine the traffic jams surrounding the construction areas that would ensue. mkh