Saturday, June 16, 2007

Behind the Scenes

I was planning to go to his funeral, but it turns out that I'll be in a class--about bereavement ministry! (It's not really something I do on a regular basis, given my community's mission, but taking this one-week class will allow me to finish up the credit requirements for a certificate in spiritual formation that I have been working on in bits and starts for almost six years!) The deceased is Tony De Santis, who ran a number of theaters (not cinemas, theaters--as in Broadway style musicals and other dramas) in Chicago. Mr. De Santis was also a big supporter of religious life. His showpiece theater, the Drury Lane, in a Chicago suburb, held Christmas dinner (including tickets to the night's show) to every religious woman in the Archdiocese of Chicago and the Diocese of Joliet. Hundreds of us enjoyed this special treat--the dinner was always outstanding, the performance delightful, and the "fellowship" with so many other consecrated women enriching.
Evidently, a good number of professionals in the entertainment field, both in acting and in directing, got their start through Tony De Santis.
Mr. De Santis died last week, and will be buried from Holy Name on Monday. May he rest in peace.

Prayers are also being requested for another supporter of religious life who is facing serious legal problems. (Please invoke our Lady for this special intention, and for the family members who would be affected by any adverse ruling.)

Blessed Sunday.


Anonymous said...

"Lifting up" the benefactors in need of our prayers. The Angelus seems to be an appropriate one for both of them. spqr

Anonymous said...

This morning I carried a laminated copy of the Angelus in my pocket on my way to Mass. As I left church I spotted an old friend. Before I realized it, the prayer card leaped from my pocket into her hand. Would you call that Evangelizing?