Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Play's the Thing

Good news from Clarence Gilyard, in town for his re-entry into the world of theater with the play, "My Children, My Africa." The opening performance was sold out! We haven't seen any reviews yet (Clarence said that he ran into one reviewer at another theater, and the reviewer said, "Oh, I haven't turned my review in yet!"). (So much for deadlines.)
Again, if you are in the Chicago area, this is a worthwhile piece of theater to plan an evening out around.


Anonymous said...

congratulaltions to Clarence Gilyard on his sold out performance on the opening night of "My children, My africa". I hope that Chuck Norris was able to be seated.

Terry said...

I was so happy to discover that the former sidekick of Chuck Norris still has star power. Mr. Gilyard's talent and winning smile have not faded over the years. spqr