Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Envelope, Please

It's so hard establishing criteria for an award-meme like this... There are so many highly qualified blogs, by brilliant and profound writers! (Their turn will come, surely.) I can only point to these five as models for blogging with a mission, blogging with a vision, blogging with a brain--with the further criterion of not currently appearing among the links in my sidebar. (After all, they get my "thinking blog award" all the time!)
And the winners are:
Evangelical Catholicism, informed insights with depth and breadth from a young pair of writers. They bring reliable research to the blogosphere in matters that are often highly charged.
Crossed the Tiber, A couple (as in married) of converts/reverts to the Church, offer faith reflections with a solid approach to apologetics and a quirky sense of humor.
Catholicism, Holiness and Spirituality: A family man living his Catholic faith with depth. We need this kind of witness!
You Duped Me, O Lord: A Jesuit living his Catholic faith with depth. We need this kind of witness!!!!
la Nouvelle Theologie: An old-fashioned style blog in many respects, it refers you to many "thinking blogs" and theological resources.


David said...

Christ is Risen!

I am the chief among sinners.

I am also the chief hillbilly among bloggers. Thank you for the nice plug.

Anonymous said...

David said "Christ is Risen" agreed.
David said "I am the chief among sinners
David said "I am also the chief hillbilly among bloggers"...
Well, chief, this is obviously not an award for humility. anon

David said...

anonymous (who ever you might be - one might perceive you as someone lacking in the basic integrity to show your face or lacking in some basic charity considering your remarks above but I sincerely hope I am wrong),

I trust in the model of faith which St. Paul gives us in Sacred Scripture. He stated the same thing as I did.

As an Eastern Catholic I pray the Jesus Prayer. "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy upon me, a sinner." I find through my own experience that this is always a good prayer to keep in the forefront of my mind and in my heart.

A Private in the Army of Our Lady

Anonymous said...

To Private David. You ARE wrong. As a RomanCatholic, I pray the same prayers. We are all One. And my, my, aren't we touchy. anon.still

David said...


I was talking about my own experience. I made no claim of what your experience was or is. It does my heart good to hear that you pray.

One question though Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous - exactly how were we suppose to know that you were Roman Catholic? You are Anonymous after-all. Maybe I missing something.

In regards to me being "touchy" and feely. It's takes lots of courage (or the total lack thereof) to insult folks anonymously. Maybe you should spend more time praying and less time on the com-boxes. I'll leave that friendly advice up to your own conscience.

Anonymous said...

As an Eastern Catholic I pray the Jesus Prayer. "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy upon me, a sinner

Thank you for your concern about my conscience. The above quote from you prompted my claim to being a Roman Catholic.
God Bless your day, too.

harv681 said...

Jeez Louise, David! Where is your sense of humor? Lighten up, and "make a joyful noise!" harv681 (Mary in N.O.)

Karen said...

Go Mark!!!

Not that I'm biased towards Jesuits or anything...

spqr said...

How does "Mark" fit into the foregoing fray? I thought everyone loved the Jesuits. spqr

xaipe said...

David was only one of FIVE awardees of the prestigious (well, nice) "Thinking Blogger" awards that I bestowed this week.