Friday, May 11, 2007


Charity Therese tagged me with two memes: one is the "favorite saints and would-be saint" meme, and the other involves favorite movies. Since the movie meme calls for TEN favorite movies, and I really am not much of a movie person, I graciously decline that particular invitation. But I am always into saints.
My favorite four (as of today) are:

St. Paul (here he is, caught up to the "third heaven")

St. Ignatius

St. Teresa of Avila (featured here on a new book from Pauline Books & Media)

St. Patrick (the St. Paul of Ireland)

My favorite not-yet-saint... for now, that would have to be Dorothy Day. I just read a massive biography, and it convinced me that she was a person who truly lived the Gospel, loving God above all things, and certainly loving her neighbor as herself (and possibly even more than self).

Oh! I forgot to tag anyone with this meme! Let's see who Karen, Lisa and Sr. Lorraine have to add.


Charity Therese said...

great answers Sr. Anne!

Charity Therese said...

I tagged you for another meme. Is that okay? You don't have to do it if you don't want to.