Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Prayers needed

I got an urgent prayer request via the stepmom of a young man who underwent gastric bypass surgery in the cherished hope of doing "what other people can do". Eric is experiencing major complications with utterly horrendous symptoms, and he is now desperately ill. His family trusts strongly in the power of prayer.


Anonymous said...

Please pray that God's will coincides with ours. We are praying that Eric does not need another surgery, he heals quickly and the surgery will help him to lose weight and live a healthy and happy life. He looks reallyforward to going offshore and doing the things that a thinner person takes for granted.

Eric is not one for organized religion, but he gave his father and me a very special moment when he reached out to the other groomsmen at our wedding to join hands for the Our Father.

Please pray in your most fervent way for Eric. You may consider offering up something you are doing right now that is difficult or uncomfortable for his recovery. Maybe you could use your usual anger at being stuck in traffic or standing in a long line as time to offer up as a prayer. Or perhaps a random act of kindness on your part could be for Eric.

One of my favorite ways to pray is to sing. St. Francis of Assisi said that to sing is to pray twice. We are praying as many times as possible for Eric. Please join us.

Eric’s step mom

Anonymous said...

Our heartfelt prayers are with Eric and his loved ones

ali said...

I will totally be praying for him and will offer up Communion for him today. :)