Thursday, April 26, 2007

Prayer Request Update

Eric's stepmom writes:
"Please keep praying. Eric is not conscious yet. The sedative is taking longer than usual to wear off. We are trying to get Eric to open his eyes, but he only opens them and then immediately closes them. We hope that he will be alert by tomorrow. Eric still cannot have visitors. We know you are anxious to visit him. But he is still just recovering from an infection and his incision ... is not closed yet. We look forward to telling you that he can see you. We hope that time comes soon. We haven’t heard Eric speak since last Thursday. Pray that he will be talking to us soon. The doctor has told us that it is possible that Eric will be in the hospital for a month. Today makes 10 days. He will have at least one more operation next Wednesday."
(Eric is a young man who had gastric bypass surgery on Good Friday, and has suffered serious complications.)


Coffee Wife said...

Dear Sister,
You've been given the "Thinking Blog" award!!! YAY!

I'll put the post up on my blog tomarrow. GOD BLESS!

-Michelle in Scotland

Anonymous said...

What does the "Thinking Blog" award consist of. If it is a good thing, I wholeheartedly agree with your choice. coffee Mom