Thursday, April 19, 2007

Litigation puts an end to foster care

Catholic Charities of Chicago announced this week that it is withdrawing from an aspect of child care after 75+ years. A huge lawsuit on behalf of three tiny siblings who suffered burns and other abuse while in foster care means that Catholic Charities, which placed the children, can no longer get affordable insurance for other kids. So the State of Illinois will have to find some other way to address the urgent needs of children whose families are falling apart. It's terrible that those babies were abused by people who were entrusted with their care. A few weeks ago there was news in the paper of a five-year-old who was battered to death by her mother after what an official called "a short life in hell." In this case, even the siblings were forced to participate in the ongoing victimization of this little girl. But there was no one to sue. Those kids are in foster care now.
Do you see the need for faith-inspired social action to be carried out by Church institutions? How can we, the Church, address some of these critical needs outside of establishing our own institutions?

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