Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Going to the whole world

The feast of St. Mark is a reminder of our vocation to be evangelizers. In that regard, I read a wonderful passage last night in the book Sr. Julia so heartily recommended (and which you will soon hear her recommend in an upcoming video book review). The book is "Fully Human, Fully Divine," and even though the subtitle is "An Interactive Christology" (what does that mean?), it really is a handbook on discipleship. At any rate, the author, Michael Casey (a Trappist) writes this about the call to "go out to the whole world": "It is easy to mutter about pastors not practicing what they preach. Yet we all sin in many ways; if we silenced sinners, who would proclaim the Gospel? Those whom Jesus sent forth to announce the demands of God's kingdom were sinners like ourselves.... We cannot realistically expect the Church of today to be any better than that of the Apostles."
So there's no excusing ourselves from our mission!


Anonymous said...

I pray thee hold me excused. Mea culpa.

Deacon Fred said...

When I read a comment like that given above by anonymous I wonder just what people think they have to do to practice discipleship. I had a religious brother, confined to a wheelchair, paralyzed except for his left arm, he could not speak but he could listen...and he heard confessions and communicated with his eyes and his left hand...not one day in 12 years did he miss a chance to perform his priestly functions. Who more could have asked to be excused? We need to challange ourselves and others to do what we can and to be creative...let God send us the people we can help and evangelize. There are plenty of them out there!

Anonymous said...

This is my fervent prayer, Deacon, and yes, I do evengelize whether it is on the "track" at the "Y", on the street, by email, on the phone. No excuses here. You misconstrue my subtlety.
Your brother is a model for all of us.