Monday, April 16, 2007

Chicago, an Olympic City?

This was an exceptional weekend for me (hence the lack of blogging). Mom was here for a few precious days (there she is at Millennium Park!), and we got the news that the US Olympic Committee selected Chicago to be our national "candidate" for the 2016 Olympics. Mom's first comment on hearing that was "Well, they had better do something about that atrocious Orange Line train before then!" (Traveling with my sister Jane and her husband, Mom was ill impressed with the public transportation from Midway to downtown!) Today the cracks in the sidewalk are full of confetti in the Olympic colors, after a celebration in Daley Plaza at noon. (We caught a few glimpses of it in between the TV trucks on our way to Midway--in the community van!)
We won't know until 2009 if Chicago is, indeed, an Olympic City, but if it should be, I hope we will have an international committee of our own, as Paulines, to plan some mission events that can take advantage of our center-stage location on Michigan Avenue.
Mom and Jane got home safe and sound; Jane's husband was driving a truck filled with his remaining earthly goods (retrieved from his home in Michigan), and was due to arrive in New Orleans about the same time. ("Y'all come back soon, y'hear?")

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Your mom looks great! How blessed you are!