Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bread of Life

This week we are hearing the Gospel of John's "Bread of Life" discourse (chapter 6). This weekend, my second-grade niece, Claudia, will be receiving the Bread of Life in her First Communion. I am praying so much for her this week! Praying that her First Communion really will be the beginning of a new level of relationship with Jesus. Praying for all those children who will be reaching this pinnacle of Christian Initiation--especially kids who didn't get adequate preparation. May the grace of the sacrament enter so deeply that it will grow like the seed in the Gospel! One day it will bear God's fruit, even if for a while it may not seem to. That is my prayer.


Anonymous said...

For all of our first communion candidates, I join you in that prayer

Anonymous said...

I remember my First Communion. Actually, I remember my "First Confession" better. It was very traumatic--I was (still am) scared of the dark and I refused to go into the confessional. I held up the line, crying hysterically, unable to explain to my teacher why I simply could not go into that dark box. The teacher was almost apoplectic but the priest was very kind. He took me out onto the church's sunny porch and heard my confession outside.---harv681

Anonymous said...

I prefer the anonymity of the dark box and my main concern is are there any roaches crawling around me.