Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ya Gotta Love Chicago!

They've just turned the Chicago River green
in honor of St. Patrick. The fountain in Daley Plaza (see pic) has been gurgling green water all week.
I hope that a few people in that vast crowd that keeps pouring past our door going from the (boring) parade to the Mag Mile give a thought today to the heroic saint who occasioned all these festivities. Patrick is a true Father of the Church, the St. Paul of Ireland.
By the way, in the Daley Plaza picture, you can see two new high-rises going up in the Loop. The one on the right will take up the whole block next across from the former Marshall Fields', and will house a TV studio (CBS affiliate, I think, probably with one of those open-to-the-street newsrooms) and a super commuter train/CTA station with non-stop service to both airports. The other building, to the left of the picture, will be office/condos. The Joffrey Ballet will be headquartered there.

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Anonymous said...

It always amazes me as a New Orleanian how boring parades are in other cities. A mass of people pass by, waving. Ho hum. After our St. Patrick's Day parade, you could cook an entire meal and have dessert with what you caught, not to mention the beads and trinkets. It's not only a social event, it's a competition!---harv681