Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mid-Lent reflection

We are coming up to Laetare Sunday, the mid-point of Lent. If your parish has catechumens preparing for Baptism, you are probably going to hear the "A" cycle readings, even though we are in cycle "C". The "A" readings are a condensed baptismal preparation, with each Sunday (from the 3rd Sunday of Lent to the 5th Sunday) offering a different angle. There is a kind of increasing intensity to the themes as we get closer to Easter when the Church's "elect" will actually be baptized.

Last Sunday, the Third Sunday of Lent, with the woman at the well, the theme was water—clearly a baptismal motif. The elect, like the woman, are thirsty for "living water," to have the Spirit flowing in them like a fountain.

This coming Sunday, the Gospel of the man born blind (cured when he "washed" at the pool of "the one sent") tells us of the enlightenment that comes through Baptism. In the very early Church, Baptism was actually referred to as "enlightenment."

Finally, a week before Palm Sunday, the Gospel is the raising of Lazarus. Through baptism, we die with Christ and rise from the water as new people. "It is no longer I who live; it is Christ who lives in me!"

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Laetare Sunday enlightenment this morning ...It is always an inspiring experience to start my day with your uplifting thoughts.