Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Kind of Creepy

Last night I finished work on a 3½ minute "YouTube" video on the Angelus. My purpose is to promote the praying of the Angelus as the "Catholic call to prayer," the way the Muslims have their "call to prayer" five times a day. For the Muslims, it is a moment of reaffirming their belief in Allah; for Catholics (and, I would hope, for other Christians), the Angelus is the reaffirmation of our belief in the stunning mystery of the Incarnation. Since this is the pivot point of the Creed (in the sense of being a declaration of faith in both the Trinity and the Redemption), I think the Angelus is the evangelizer's primary prayer.
So today I have been trying to upload it. My intention had been to post this for the feast of the Annunciation (which is Mar. 26 this year, since the 25th falls on Sunday). But I heard that YouTube is going to have a kind of "award" for best inspirational video, and I thought it would be nice to present a candidate and get some votes before the deadline (Friday!) as a way of promoting my message.
I have been trying over and over to get the file to upload, and numerous funny glitches have been getting in the way. I had to type in the description and keywords four times. (They kept getting lost.) And I am on my fifth upload attempt.
Clearly, "somebody" doesn't want to see the Angelus revived as a widespread Catholic practice.
I will keep trying, however, and will give you a progress report later--along with instructions on voting for it in the YouTube contest (if I succeed by Friday!).

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Anonymous said...

The Angelus brings me back to my school days and I will be delighted to reinstate it in my daily prayers...the creepy aspect which you mentioned makes me want to bring back the prayer of St. Michael the archangel into the celebration of the Mass in more churches.