Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Small, secure steps

When I was a junior sister going through my first St. Louis winter, Sister Mary Rita taught me the secret of walking through snow: you take small, secure steps. As she demonstrated this on an terraced walkway, she promptly fell on her boom and slid all the way to the street level. So "small, secure steps" won a place in my memory, popping up every time I have to go out in the snow.
This is my sixth Chicago winter, but today I saw something new: the City of Chicago cleaning snow off the sidewalks! Years ago, if memory serves me, we got sued in Buffalo by someone who slipped on the sidewalk outside of our building. Nobody in Chicago seems to have the same litigious spirit, because the sidewalks are utterly treacherous when it snows, as it is today. You just troop through the grey slush, slip and slide as you may. You're on your own. And you still are, on most streets. But on a few corners, there they were: Chicago Streets and Sanitation, out with motorized carts, outfitted with giant brushes, leaving nothing behind but a clean stretch of concrete. Hope they make it to Michigan Ave soon!
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