Friday, February 02, 2007

Novena of Healing

We've gotten so many special intentions lately that I thought I would ask you all to join in a novena of healing to coincide with these nine days before the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes (the World Day of Prayer for the Sick). We here in community are seeking the intercession of our co-foundress, Ven. Mother Thecla Merlo, in this Marian "atmosphere," so that if God's mercy goes so far as to allow a miracle to happen, it might hasten our co-foundress' Beatification. And give greater glory to God and all that, you understand.
Anyway, some of the intentions are:
  • two of our sisters with cancer (one has a rather aggressive cancer)
  • the sisters who were in the car accident this week
  • Barbara, in Boston (recurrence of cancer)
  • Tammie, in Chicago (to be able to conceive)
Here's the prayer:

Most Holy Trinity, we thank you for the singular gifts of light, grace, and virtue which you granted to Sister Thecla Merlo, and we thank you for having chosen and constituted her the wise mother and sure guide of the Daughters of St. Paul. Through her intercession, grant that we may live of her great loves: Jesus Master in the Holy Eucharist, the Church, the Gospel and souls--souls sought and served through evangelization with the instruments of social communication--to the point of total sacrifice.

O Lord, if it be in the designs of your divine wisdom, carry out even on this earth, for this very devoted Daughter of St. Paul, your divine promise: "If anyone serves me, my Father will honor him." Exalt this faithful Servant to the joy of the Church and the good of many souls, and grant us, through her intercession, the favor we ask of you. Amen.

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