Saturday, January 27, 2007

Retreat Sunday

Religious are expected to make a monthly day of recollection or retreat. In the Pauline Family, the first Sunday of the month was chosen for this; it was the Founder's way of connecting adoration of the Trinity, Jesus, the Risen Master and our own discipleship. Well, we generally keep to that tradition. But our February retreat will be tomorrow. Because...the first Sunday of February just happens to be... Super Bowl Sunday. And you can't be making chili and other such comestibles while watching the pre-game show. (We have some serious Bears fans in our community!) (And I'm still in Boston! What will it be like in Chicago?) So tomorrow is our retreat, and on Super Bowl Sunday, we will be free for... well, for me it's more for the "fellowship", the food and the commercials, which are a semester of Media Literacy Studies in one night.
Do you do anything particular while the Super Bowl is going on? Any family traditions? Food specialties?

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Anonymous said...

Sports are very cultured - they can bring friends & family together, they usually have food, & regarding football there is the artistic element of being able to catch, run, and leap - or dance with the ball as Watler Payton said in the Super Bowl Shuffle. GO BEARS!