Friday, January 05, 2007

The almost-Twelfth day

January 6 will be the 12th day of Christmas (and the start of King Cake Season for us New Orleanians!). Thank goodness, the Christmas tree is still up in Daley Plaza. It's still Christmastime in this city! Tomorrow I will be heading to Boston for our Provincial Chapter. (Sr. Lorraine will be participating in it, too.) This is preparatory for the General (worldwide) Chapter in August, held every six years to elect our "General" government. I earnestly seek your prayers for both of these events in particular, since we need to be especially alert and docile to the Holy Spirit not just in electing delegates to the General Chapter (one of the tasks of the Provincial meeting), but in discussing all the aspects of our community life, spirituality and mission with a view to ongoing improvement.
A little note about language in religious communities: Some people assume that the word "general," especially when used of the "Superior General," is adapted from the military. Nope. It's just a Latinism, meaning "overall." ("General Electric" doesn't wear five stars, either.) This goes for the Jesuits, as well. The shortcut term "General" is not a throwback to St. Ignatius' short-lived military experience!

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