Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ya gotta love Chicago!

I have lived in Chicago for over five years. I take the "L" train a LOT, especially the Red line. This week I was again waiting on the platform for a midday train. It was a longish wait, but then I saw the first light appear down the tunnel. And then more lights. And more lights. It was an entire subway train, completely decorated with Christmas lights, inside and out. Everything was outlined in tiny lights. And on a flatbed car in the center of the train was St. Nick himself, sleigh and all. We would-be passengers just stared. Santa had to tell us "All aboard! This train makes all stops!" In we went, to be greeted by a fully costumed elf offering us candy canes. Our seats were upholstered in Christmas fabric. The posts inside the car were candy-striped and the ads were elf and reindeer-themed jokes. It was the "Holiday Train."
Amazingly, on my return trip, it was again the Holiday Train that brought me home. It was a lot of fun watching the waiting passengers as this unusual vehicle pulled into each station.
Then I went off to St. Peter's for Mass, and crossed the KrisKindlemarket in Daley Plaza on my way home.

Ya gotta love Chicago!


Anonymous said...

re "you gotta love Chicago"...I do, I do...when can I come?

Lisa said...

I hope you were nowhere near the "L" train that derailed!

MaureenM said...

Sister, it was your lucky day! I missed the Santa train the day I saw it on the Purple Line while I was waiting for a Brown Line train.

Merry Christmas!