Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Novena, Day 1

I wish I got these ideas a little sooner. This one came yesterday, and it took me a good part of the day to pull together. Even so, it is a pretty rough little attempt at making the Christmas Novena available. Maybe next year (!) we can prepare something more polished. For now, I am offering this basic version, quite abbreviated (Youtube limits you to ten minutes--not that my computer even has enough memory to create a ten minute video!), of the novena we sing in community. It has roots in 17th century Italy, Gregorian Chant, and the messianic Scripture texts. Most of the novena is the same from day to day, but the final antiphon matches the "Alleluia verse" of the day's Mass (the "O" antiphons). Ordinarily, the antiphon would be sung, followed by the Magnificat, and then repeated. Memory (as in RAM), copyright and time all conspired against me including this full version. I'll try to keep up and post each day's version!
Meanwhile, in your novena, please remember Bishop Doran of Rockford, who just underwent surgery for lung cancer.


Two-town said...

Thank you, Sr. Ann for sharing the Christmas novena with us. It's been awhile since I've prayed a novena like this. I could almost see angels while I sang with your awesome voices.

Please remember us in your prayers during this novena.

Ann said...

Thank you very much, Sister Ann, for taking so much time to make this available. It is lovely and I enjoyed praying songfully with you. Thank you! Ann