Saturday, December 09, 2006

Back in Boston

I've had quite a time of it the past five or so days... some severe back pain that has me walking around the Boston convent using a pair of crutches as ski poles... but that also has the sisters tripping over each other to try to help me in various ways: things like tying my shoes (ouch!)... Yesterday a sister with cancer took my lunch tray down to the dishwasher for me, and Sr. Laura brought a canary to my room while I did some therapy with an ice pack. God bless them all.
We had a wonderful concert in Philadelphia--our first in that city, and it was standing room only. I limped downstairs at the break and discovered that one of my nun friends from the Sisters of the Holy  Family of Nazareth had indeed gotten my Christmas card on time to be informed about the concert, and there she was! (Her community offered us generous hospitality at their hospital convent near our Philadelphia book center.)
While in the City of Brotherly Love, I noticed a local paper with an article that made my blood boil. It seems that on December 6, St. Nicholas' Day, Planned Parenthood was giving out free samples of "Plan B." Anything to make every form of "pregnancy termination" more than acceptable in the general culture. How hideous! And what a revolting form of marketing on behalf of both PP and Duramed (a subsidiary of Barr Pharmaceuticals, Inc.), the drug's manufacturer, both of whom worked so hard to get this powerful drug approved for over the counter purchase.
We drove to Boston on Thursday--I curled up on the back seat of a mini-van, surrounded by pillows for the grueling ride. And today my Mom and my sister Mary are coming in to Boston for the weekend's concerts at the motherhouse! I wish I could be more companionable, but... It will have to do!


Kristin said...

Sorry to hear you are in pain. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

Mom said...

Wonderful visiting with you and attending two beautiful christmas concerts in Boston, My prayers for you aching back...but it did not impair your performance, Love, Mom

AveMaria1 said...

Hope you feel better Sr. Anne!