Thursday, November 02, 2006

Theology of the Body

For all of you out there in Radioland:
Dr. Waldstein's interview on "Proclaim the Good News" will be broadcast this Sunday, November 5, on WCTC-AM 1450 at 12:30 pm (always check local listings to be sure as this could change).
Other stations that will carry the program:
• WFJS-FM 89.3, Monmouth County, NJ
• WDEO-AM 990, Ann Arbor, MI
• WMAX-AM 1440, Saginaw, MI
• WEST-AM, 1400, Easton, PA
Dr. Waldstein is the translator of the complete compilation of John Paul II's talks on the Theology of the Body, "Man and Woman He Created Them."

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