Thursday, November 16, 2006

Good Stem Cell News

Today's Wall Street Journal reports on two stem cell success stories, neither of which involves destruction of an embryo. In one, muscular dystrophy symptoms in dogs were relieved by means of stem cells taken from the dogs themselves, or from other dogs. No embryonic puppies were destroyed in the process. (But then, you don't want those animal rights terrorists on your case...)
In human-related research, Swiss scientists were able to grow human heart valves from the stem cells in amniotic fluid. While there is a definite risk in removing any amniotic fluid, this kind of procedure has the potential of crafting heart valves for unborn babies with heart defects, so that upon birth, they can have heart surgery with a valve made from their own cells. Again, no embryonic death.
I don't know if these two AP articles made it to other publications, but it would be good to trumpet the stories far and wide.


ANawtyMouser said...

That is the first I have heard of this type of development! I too believe this news should be trumpeted loud - far and wide!

Anonymous said...

Let's pray that this blog will be instrumental in trumpeting this pro life development.

Anonymous said...

About 3 weeks ago now, I read of English medical researchers who had grown human liver organs from adult stem cells. It was reported in the UK press, but I never heard a syllable about it in any major US media. -- Jon White