Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Getting ready

Our first concert is tomorrow night--and as of this writing, we have had about five hours of practice a day. Things are starting to come together. I just hope the pitch holds up!
Meanwhile, here in NY, our Sister Mary Joan is carefully following every step Pope Benedict makes in Turkey. She goes to the computer before she goes to chapel (that way she knows the pitiful dial-up connection will be available) and checks the Vatican Information Service for the Pope's latest talks. Then at breakfast she shares salient points with us. God love her! She is also taking care of much of the cooking, which is good, because she learned some great culinary skills growing up in Italy!
If you are the NYC area, we will be singing at St. Malachy's Church in Manhattan on Saturday (early afternoon). Take a break from Christmas shopping for some spiritual uplift! Or just help spread the word!

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Lisa said...

St. Malachy's, "the Actors' Chapel," is a great house of worship! Enjoy making music there!! Hope you get to meet Fr. Joe Kelly, SJ. He was, many years ago, Director of Campus Ministry at St. Peter's College.