Tuesday, October 03, 2006

True Fiction

I got this e-mail from Sr. Maria Grace, editor of our kids magazine (My Friend):

This is probably a long shot, but do you happen to remember anything about the author of a story that was in the January 1995 issue of My Friend, called "A Different Flavor Catholic." It was about a girl who stays over her friend's house and goes with the family to a Melkite Greek Catholic church. Not a lot happens in the story, but one learns a lot about the liturgy etc as compared to the Latin Church.

The author's name is Deborah Boudreau. I would like to re-use the article in an upcoming issue and need to contact her, but there are no records (contracts, payments) from that far back. If you remember anything about where she lived, etc., that would be helpful.

I had to let her know... I am Deborah Boudreau! That was the pen-name I used for fiction stories I prepared when I was the editor of My Friend. (I had a non-fiction pen-name, too: Jeanne Arsenault.)


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LOL, Sister. What a surprise ending to your story. Did you give permission to reprint? ;)