Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sr. Rose on TV

Sr. Rose has finally taken part in a trivia game show! (We always told her she should go on Jeopardy.) She wasn't the main contestant, but that's okay. Here's what she has to say about the experience, along with the details of the program:
The new show is called "1 vs 100" on NBC, beginning this Friday at 9:00pm, and hosted by Bob Saget (Full House). I don't know how they edited the show or which day(s) I will be on. I think they taped five shows. It's a pop culture trivia show. I am one of the pack of 100 that plays against the 1. The network (NBC) wanted someone to go on for a non-profit. I have no idea how I came off (and I tremble at the thought). It certainly was educational though. To tape a 43-minute program it took HOURS and incredible planning and coordination. I arrived on the lot at noon and left at about 12:10 a.m. The producers and everyone were extremely nice--including the other contestants that I spoke with. That's all I can tell you according to the contract! I played for our Retired Sisters Fund and thanked all the people watching who contribute to the annual fund for retired sisters. (I hope they left that in.)


Maureen said...

Here's hoping that Sr. Rose got a lot of movie questions. It would certainly surprise most folks to see a religious who has such a grasp of that aspect of pop culture!

Anonymous said...

How can I contribute to the fund? I watched the show but no address or contact info was given.